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The Shack
Wm Paul Young
Paperback | Nov 2016
1 in store $12.99
Before I Fall Movie Tie-in Edition
Lauren Oliver
Paperback | Feb 2017
sold out $16.50
(on order)
The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes
Paperback | Feb 2012
4 in store $19.95
Beauty and the Beast Novelization
Elizabeth Rudnick
Paperback | Jan 2017
sold out $13.50
(on order)
Beauty and the Beast
Eric Geron
Paperback | Jan 2017
not in store $6.50
(available for order)
The Beauty and the Beast
Gabrielle-Suzanna Barbot de Villenueve
Hardcover | Jan 2017
not in store $36.99
(available for order)
Beauty and the Beast
Mahlon F Craft
Hardcover | Jul 2016
not in store $21.99
(available for order)
T2 Trainspotting
Irvine Welsh
Paperback | Feb 2017
1 in store $18.99
Irvine Welsh
Paperback | Oct 2004
sold out $18.99
(on order)
Daniel Clowes
Paperback | Feb 2017
3 in store $19.95

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Graphic Novels as an Educational Tool - Guideline for teachers

A complete guide on how to understand graphic novels in and out of class. A new and good way to entice children to read more, while learning something. A guideline for teachers who want to jump on the Graphic Novel bandwagon. Click here for the full PDF.